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How to reasonably supplement boron fertiliser?

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How to reasonably supplement boron fertiliser?

(1) Bottom fertilizer use: as a bottom fertilizer use, is an important and effective way to supplement boron. The root tip is the main organ for absorbing boron, it can be used before sowing the crop, combined with the fertilization of the whole land, borax can be combined with humic acid organic fertilizer, humic acid is a macromolecular organic matter that can be dissolved in water, which can be combined with boric acid ions to form chelated state boron, which is not easy to be fixed by metal ions in the soil, but also conducive to the transportation and conduction of boron in the plant body, which can effectively solve the problem of low utilization rate of boron absorption. Generally, 1~1.5kg of borax + 30~50kg of organic fertilizer with humic acid per mu is mixed and spread evenly.

(2) Foliar spraying: Foliar spraying is another way of boron supplementation, which can be applied before flowering with 0.2% sodium octaborate tetrahydrate (Na2B8O13﹒4H2O) solution, which can quickly solve the symptoms of boron deficiency. Sodium octaborate tetrahydrate contains up to 21.17% boron and is a boron fertiliser with a high boron content, easily soluble in cold water.

(3) with water flushing: with water flushing can also solve the problem of crop boron deficiency, boron deficiency symptoms are generally in the flowering and fruiting period, watering too much water, easy to cause plant growth, therefore, flushing boron can be used drip irrigation, the use of high boron content of trace element water-soluble fertilizer, calcium nitrate particles plus boron, added to the drip irrigation solution with water drip irrigation. Generally, 2 to 4 kg per mu can be used each time.

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