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How to prevent tomato cracking

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What causes tomato cracking

There are many reasons for tomato fruit cracking, such as the characteristics of tomato varieties. Some varieties have thinner peels, so the phenomenon of fruit cracking will be more serious; secondly, the timing of air release is not right, and there is no reasonable air release; there is improper management of fertilizer and water, so that It will also cause tomato fruit cracking; if the tomatoes are not harvested in time, they will also cause fruit cracking in the later stage; if the concentration of pesticides sprayed is too large or the spraying time is unreasonable, it will also cause fruit cracking. These are common causes of tomato cracking.

How to prevent tomato cracking

There are many ways to prevent tomato cracking, but they are all based on specific situations. First of all, we can choose tomato varieties that are resistant to fruit cracking; the second is to reasonably control water and fertilizer, and to supply fertilizer and water scientifically according to the water and fertilizer requirements of tomatoes; there is scientific fertilization to ensure the supply of calcium and boron elements; plant growth can be used Conditioner, and reasonable configuration concentration for spraying, which can also play a preventive effect.

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