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How to plant high-yielding long beans, any fertilization

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We need to water according to the growth of the bean sprouts. If it is a bean sprout that has just emerged, then it is basically watered every other week or so, but after the bean sprout grows, it needs to be watered according to the humidity of the field. If the soil is dry, it needs to be watered, and if there is a lot of rain, it needs to be drained.

However, more water is required when the bean sprouts bloom and form pods. After planting, it is necessary to fertilize once, mainly using urea. When the plant grows to about 40 centimeters, it needs to be fertilized a second time. This fertilization usually uses manure and urine, and the third fertilization should be when the plant blooms. , we can choose to use potash and phosphate fertilizers.

Since cowpeas are harvested in batches, we must fertilize once after harvesting to promote the growth of the next batch of cowpeas.

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