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How to manage wheat in the middle and late stages

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How to manage wheat in the middle and late stages

A. Good pulling fertilizer and watering

Due to the lower temperatures this spring, wheat fertility process is generally delayed, some areas of wheat is currently in the late nodulation, is a critical period of fertilizer management.

Therefore, for the early spring fertilizer management of a class of seedlings, or early spring fertilization but not enough fertilizer chasing wheat fields, should be chasing fertilizer and watering in the plucking period, generally 15 to 20 kg of urea mu.

High yielding fields should pay attention to increase the application of potassium fertilizer, generally 10 to 15 kg of potassium fertilizer per mu. When chasing fertilizer, we should pay attention to the fertilizer open ditch deep application, and eliminate spreading, in order to improve fertilizer efficiency.

Second, the watering of good pick flag water, fertilizer as appropriate

The flag picking period is a more concentrated period of small flower degradation. The main task of wheat field management during this period is to keep the flowers and increase the grain and lay a good foundation for improving the grain weight. The flagging period is also a "critical period" for wheat water needs, irrigation at this time is conducive to reducing small flower degradation, increase the number of grains, and to ensure deep soil water storage for later absorption and utilization.

Due to the uneven distribution of rainfall in the province on April 21, for areas without rainfall or less rainfall, you should hurry up and water the flag picking water. Lack of fertilizer and plant growth is weak wheat field, can be combined with watering mu application of urea about 10 kg.

Three, according to local conditions, watering sufficient and good filling water

Wheat flowering about 10-15 days after the watering water should be timely to ensure that the wheat physiological water, but also to improve the field microclimate, reduce the adverse effects of high temperature on wheat grouting, reduce the harm of dry hot wind, improve the fullness of the seeds, increase grain weight.

Watering in this period should pay special attention to weather changes, and watering in stormy weather is strictly prohibited to prevent collapse. Within 7-10 days before harvest, avoid watering wheat yellow water.

Four, discretionary foliar spray fertilizer, to extend the functional period of the leaf

Foliar fertilizer in the late growth of wheat, not only can make up for the lack of root absorption, to meet the nutrients required for wheat growth and development, and can improve the field microclimate, reduce the harm of dry hot wind, increase grain weight, improve wheat yield.

Therefore, you can spray 1% to 3% urea solution (plus 0.2% to 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution is better) or 0.2% Investec 2116 plant cell membrane stabilizer (grain-specific) solution at the early stage of filling, 50 to 60 kg per mu.

Foliar fertilizer in the afternoon after 4:00 on a sunny day, interval 7 to 10 days to spray again. Spray within 24 hours after the rainfall should be sprayed once.

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