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How to manage a kiwifruit orchard well

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How to manage a kiwifruit orchard well

Kiwifruit are a popular fruit, but growing them requires more hardship to be put in to have a better harvest. In this article, we introduce for your reference how to do a good job of managing kiwifruit orchards, i.e. kiwifruit management techniques throughout the year.

I. Key points for planting kiwifruit

1. In the process of planting kiwifruit, cultivation management is very important and it is essential to choose seedlings with a well-developed root system and in good condition as grafted seedlings.

2. Before planting, strengthen the pruning of the seedlings to remove diseased and insect-infested branches from the kiwifruit, while healthy branches can be grafted onto plants with good roots.

3. Be sure to straighten out the root system of the grafted seedlings during the planting process so that you can ensure that the seedlings are planted to a depth that exceeds the depth of cover at the time of grafting, and then water the kiwifruit to ensure sufficient moisture.

II. Fertilisation and watering of kiwifruit

1. Water and fertilise the kiwifruit well during the planting process, applying compound fertiliser from April to August or a certain amount of nitrogen fertiliser and compound fertiliser during the germination of the kiwifruit.

2. Pay attention to watering. Kiwis prefer a humid climate and should be watered promptly when precipitation is low or when the climate is hotter to avoid harm due to lack of water.

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