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How to grow winter melon seedlings When to plant winter melon seedlings

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How to grow winter melon seedlings When to plant winter melon seedlings

Winter squash generally takes 100-140 days from sowing to fruiting, and is currently in high demand in the market as a common national vegetable variety that is grown in no small amount.

First, how to cultivate winter melon seedlings

Winter melon is generally cultivated using the seedling establishment method. Generally available 50-55 ℃ warm water scalding seeds, stirring to about 30 ℃, at room temperature for 12-24 hours to immerse the seeds, and then germination at 28-30 ℃ temperature, after 6-7 days out of the bud.

After the buds are basically out, then sow the seeds together, generally by sowing, the seedbed should be watered before sowing, the amount of seeds used in about 50 grams per square meter, after sowing in the above evenly covered with a layer of soil, and then sprinkled with water again.

When the cotyledons carry out the cut" broken heart one, according to 7-10 cm square row once, can promote seedlings root group developed.

Second, when to plant winter melon seedlings

1, winter melon sowing time

Early winter melon since early March in a hot bed or cold bed seedlings, medium and late varieties in April in the first and middle of the open field seedlings, the northern regions need to be properly delayed, can be sown in May-June.

2, winter melon seedling fertilization management

Winter melon planting to heavy fertilizer, mainly nitrogen fertilizer, the early seedlings small thin application, late seedlings large thick application, lead vine on the shed to the melon after the timely fertilization, but also do not bias nitrogen fertilizer, to prevent the growth of melon.

Watering morning and evening, avoid the high temperature period, keep the soil moist can be, flowering and fruiting period to often drench, while timely drainage after the rain to reduce humidity.

3, planting winter melon to insert bamboo vine

Winter melon generally in the main vine melon, in order to reduce the loss of nutrients, should be removed in a timely manner side vines, but also vine pressure, to the melon vine pressure to 12 ~ 13 sections and then lead the vine on the shelf, insert bamboo lead vine can improve the plant ventilation and light, but also facilitate the fruit nodes in the appropriate location on the scaffolding, conducive to the growth of winter melon.

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