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How to grow bitter gourd to continuously bloom and bear fruit? Learn These Fertilizer Tips

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Summer is the production period of bitter gourd, and the yield of this vegetable is very high. Its growth cycle is also relatively long. If the water and fertilizer are properly managed, it can be harvested again and again, and it can be harvested directly into late autumn. Therefore, farmers believe that scientific and reasonable fertilization and watering are a key factor in order to make bitter gourd bloom and bear fruit continuously, that is, to extend the harvest period of bitter gourd and let it bear as many bitter gourds as possible.

The first is the selection of varieties. Be sure to choose high-quality bitter gourd varieties with high yield and strong disease resistance. And before planting, it must be fertilized first. As the so-called "tall buildings rise from the ground", for bitter gourd to grow well, the bottom fat must be indispensable. With sufficient nutrition, the bitter gourd seedlings can grow fast, grow strong, and bloom and bear fruit ahead of time. In the selection of base fertilizer, try to choose high-quality farmyard manure, and you can also mix some nitrogen fertilizer in it. After fertilizing, plough the soil with a rake, so that the fertilizer and the soil are in full and balanced contact, and then you can directly sow or transplant the seedlings.

The second is to build a melon shelf for the bitter gourd seedlings. Bitter gourd is a vine plant. When it starts to climb the vine, it is necessary to build a melon shed, which is also an essential part. Because the vines of bitter gourd are very developed and the branches and leaves are relatively lush, lighting and ventilation should also be considered when building a melon shed. In the countryside, some people directly lead the bitter gourd vines to the wall or to the tree, which is actually not good. In order to prolong the harvest period of bitter gourd and increase the yield of bitter gourd, it is necessary to build a scaffold. At the same time, the branches should be pruned before flowering and fruiting.

Fertilize again. In order to make bitter gourd bloom and bear fruit early, it can also be topped with fertilizer before it blooms. When it comes to the flowering period, because flowering and fruiting requires a lot of nutrients, top-dressing is even more essential. During this period, more phosphorus and potassium fertilizers can be added, which is conducive to the growth of flower buds, avoids early flower drop, and improves the fruit setting rate of bitter gourd. After the flowering period, top dressing should be added in time, and some compound fertilizers of phosphorus, potassium and boron can be added, so as to ensure the nutrients needed for the growth of bitter gourd. If any fruit is ripe, it must be harvested in time, otherwise it will consume too much nutrients. Of course, watering should also be diligent, because the fruiting period of bitter gourd is in summer, and during this period, the temperature is high and the sunshine time is long. If there is a drought, water it in time.

As long as the above points are done, especially the fertilization is reasonable. As long as the nutrition is comprehensive and sufficient, the bitter gourd plant can always grow new flower buds, so it can continue to bloom and bear fruit.

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