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How to fertilize sweet potato base fertilizer The frequency and method of top dressing for sweet potato

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Sweet potatoes are commonly known as sweet potatoes. If you want to achieve high yields, you need to find ways to apply more and good fertilizers to promote the expansion and growth of tuberous roots.

Fertilize sweet potatoes a few days after planting

Sweet potatoes can generally be fertilized immediately after planting. If the base fertilizer is used before planting, top-dressing can be carried out in about 30 days.

Within 20 days of planting, sweet potatoes will branch if there is sufficient nutrition. When there is no branching, it means that it is nitrogen deficient. At this time, top-dressing will be relatively late. Therefore, the seedling fertilizer must be topped early, mainly nitrogen fertilizer, to promote the growth of seedlings in the whole field.

How to fertilize sweet potato base fertilizer

Sweet potato basal fertilizer is the main source of key nutrients for the entire growth and development period of sweet potato. Generally, it is mainly rural organic fertilizer or NPK ternary compound fertilizer.

Generally speaking, the use of decomposed farmyard manure should not be less than 3000 kg per mu. The amount of chemical fertilizer used should be determined according to factors such as soil type and fertility. Usually, for sandy soil with moderate soil fertility, 4-6 kg of nitrogen + phosphorus can be used per mu. 5 kg of vegetarian + 6-8 kg of potassium + 100-150 kg of plant ash.

These fertilizers will be slowly decomposed by soil microorganisms to release the nutrients needed by sweet potatoes, which can basically maintain the basic requirements of sweet potatoes for fertilizer nutrients.

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