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How to fertilize strawberry plants in pots

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How to fertilize strawberry plants in pots

During the growing period, you can give foliar fertilizer to one or two new leaves, and after two leaves, you should give water soluble fertilizer, which contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and spray 1000 times of potassium phosphate to supplement phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. During the flowering period, you can follow up with high potassium water soluble fertilizer.

Precautions for strawberry fertilization

1. Strawberry bud differentiation period

In this period, we should pay attention to replenish strawberry roots and promote the differentiation of strawberry buds with phosphorus, so we can apply high phosphorus fertilizer to improve the differentiation of strawberry buds and increase the fruiting rate.

2、Strawberry young fruit period

In the young strawberry fruit period, we should add more calcium, magnesium and trace elements, and a small amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. Calcium is not easily absorbed, so it must be supplemented in this period, otherwise it will be too late when calcium deficiency is found.

3. Strawberry expansion period

During the fruit expansion period, some strawberries are in the expansion period, some are in the young fruit period, and some are in the flowering period, so it is recommended to use nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium balanced fertilizer.

4、Fertilization with water

After the strawberry blossoms and fruits, every fertilization should be with water, you can pour 20 minutes of water before fertilization, then fertilize with water, then pour 10 minutes of water.

5、Pay attention to the fertilization time

Watering fertilizer should pay attention to the weather, as well as seedling growth. The water used for fertilizing strawberry in northern winter is above 20℃ as much as possible. Also pay attention to the application of single high potassium fertilizer such as potassium sulfate not more than three times during the whole reproductive period of strawberry.

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