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How to fertilize strawberry plants

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How to fertilize strawberry plants

Fertilization is an important part of the whole strawberry planting, and it is also the key to a good strawberry harvest.

I. Strawberry fertilizer application method

In addition to the base fertilizer before planting, strawberries should be fertilized with well-rotted stables or organic fertilizer in the spring and after the berry harvest in the fall, for the purpose of long-term nutrient supply.

This has a good effect on the normal growth and development of the plant, improving the fruit quality, flower bud differentiation and improving the nutritional status of the plant, increasing the accumulation of organic nutrients, ensuring the safe overwintering of the plant and the growth and fruiting of the next year.

The base fertilizer should be mixed with the soil, and the autumn application can be combined with soil cultivation.

Fertilization method of strawberry

Fertilizer can be applied in three times a year.

Once at the beginning of the growth period of the plant, mainly nitrogen and potassium fertilizer, which can accelerate growth.

The second time in the fruit ripening period, still mainly nitrogen and potassium, can promote fruit ripening and improve quality.

The third time after berry harvesting, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are mixed to restore plant growth, promote flower bud differentiation and improve overwintering ability.

The first fertilizer can be combined with watering to fertilizer solution, and the later can open shallow furrows to avoid injury to the roots.

Third, strawberry root fertilization

It can make up for the deficiency of root absorption and improve the function of leaves and fertilizer efficiency.

Commonly used fertilizers are 0.3%-0.5% urea, 2% calcium superphosphate, 0.6% potassium manganate or ammonium molybdate, 0.3% boric acid or potassium sulfate and grass ash leachate. If applied year after year, the effect is better.

Extra-root fertilizer can generally be sprayed in the bud stage, flowering stage, berry formation and bud differentiation and other nutrient-intensive period, to cloudy days or the morning and evening of the day when the temperature is lower for the better.

Note that extra-root fertilizer can not replace underground fertilizer, only as an auxiliary measure.

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