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How to fertilize spring wheat with urea or compound fertilizer

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How to fertilize spring wheat

Spring wheat is a crop that is "rich in the womb" and develops early. Most varieties begin to elongate the growth cone and undergo cob differentiation at the 3-leaf stage. At the 4-leaf stage, young panicle differentiation begins, requiring more nutrients. Therefore, the second top dressing should be carried out at the 3-leaf stage or at the time of 3 leaves and 1 heart.

This fertilizer is called tiller fertilizer, and it should be reapplied, accounting for about 2/3 of the top-dressing fertilizer amount. Applying 225-300 kg of urea per hectare is mainly to improve the tillering rate, promote the early emergence of strong seedlings, and lay the foundation for large ears and more grains. Base. The second top dressing during the jointing period, called jointing fertilizer, is generally applied lightly, accounting for about 1/3 of the top dressing amount, with 105-150 kg of urea per hectare.

In the plots that have not been top-dressed with excessive tillering fertilizer, jointing fertilizer should be applied early and heavy.

During the booting period, the amount of Baohua and grain-enhancing fertilizer should be applied. After most of the jointing fertilizers are applied, they are no longer fertilized, and mainly foliar fertilization, which is the same as winter wheat.

Urea or Compound Fertilizer for Wheat Topdressing

Wheat topdressing mainly uses urea, which is a long-acting nitrogen fertilizer and is suitable for topdressing, while compound fertilizers are mostly used as base fertilizers. Generally, more nutrients need to be supplemented during the growth stage of wheat, so it is a good choice to add an appropriate amount of urea.

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