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How to fertilize sesame seeds for high yield

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A. How to grasp the fertilizer requirements of sesame

Sesame is a fertilizer-loving crop, every 100 kg of seed production, need to absorb 8 to 9 kg of pure nitrogen, phosphorus pentoxide 3 kg, potassium oxide 7 kg.

Sesame seedlings in the early stage of growth is weak, the root system is also underdeveloped, the ability to absorb fertilizer is weak, while the middle and late reproductive growth into nutritional and reproductive growth and into the period, the root system also entered the vigorous period, the need for increased fertilizer, if the fertility of this period is not enough, it will lead to dwarf plants, fewer pods, fewer seeds, low yield.

B, sesame seeds to apply sufficient fertilizer

According to the survey, 80% of the fields do not apply fertilizer or fertilizer. Increase the application of fertilizer, to promote the plant root system developed, the main root growth, more lateral roots, more nutrient absorption, early development of seedlings, leaf area increased, photosynthesis enhanced, build a productive seedling frame.

Specifically, the base fertilizer must be applied in full at once, per mu need to apply 2000 ~ 2500 kg of well-rotted farmyard manure, 20 ~ 25 kg of phosphorus fertilizer, 10 ~ 15 kg of potassium fertilizer, boron fertilizer 0.7 ~ 1 kg. If the addition of cake fertilizer 75 to 100 kg, compound fertilizer 20 to 25 kg, the effect of yield increase is more significant.

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