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How to fertilize pumpkin planting? How to water?

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1. How to fertilize pumpkin?

    1. Feature of fertilizer requirement

    When fertilizing pumpkins, it should be done according to the characteristics of pumpkins. Pumpkins have different nutritional requirements at different growth periods. For example, in the seedling stage, the growth of pumpkin is not large, so the need for fertilizer is not high. In the period of fruit expansion, the absorption of nitrogen and potassium by pumpkins will greatly increase. During the whole growth period of pumpkin, the nutrient needs are more nitrogen and potassium, then calcium, and the absorption of magnesium and phosphorus is less.

    2. Base fertilizer management

    The base fertilizer of pumpkin is generally based on organic fertilizer, with an appropriate amount of compound fertilizer. Among them, the common compost and green manure, etc., the amount of which is very large, generally takes up about the average amount of all fertilizers. Keep the dosage per mu at about 3500kg, and then mix an appropriate amount of phosphorous and potassium fertilizer, mix it with organic fertilizer and apply it to the soil. The fertilization method of basal fertilizer generally has two kinds of application and concentrated application. If it is spreading, then it must be combined with deep ploughing. If there is less fertilizer, then ditching and concentrated application.

    3. The principle of top dressing

    The top dressing fertilizer of pumpkin is mainly based on quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer, and at the same time, it is necessary to mix appropriate amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. When top dressing, it is necessary to make batch top dressing according to the demand for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers in different growth periods of pumpkins. In the seedling stage, topdressing with nitrogen fertilizer, about 6-7 kilograms of urea per mu. During the fruiting period, we must not only apply sufficient nitrogen fertilizer, but also timely add phosphorus and potassium fertilizers to ensure normal fruit expansion. After the fruit is set, top dressing is necessary twice. Pay attention to the position when topdressing, and do not directly touch the plants to avoid burns and cause fertilizer damage to the plants.

    2. How to water the pumpkin?

    Pumpkin has a well-developed root system, and its water absorption capacity and drought tolerance are relatively strong. However, the leaves of pumpkin are relatively thick and there are also very many, so its transpiration effect is also very strong. Therefore, we must pay attention to irrigation and watering work to ensure the yield of pumpkins. After the pumpkin is planted, it is generally necessary to pour slow seedling water once in about seven days to promote the growth of branches and leaves. Then after the pumpkin has set fruit, pour the puffing water once. Then in the later stage, watering should be done according to climate change and actual soil conditions to promote the growth of pumpkins. After the fruit grows, it is necessary to appropriately reduce the amount of watering to improve the dry matter accumulation and quality of the pumpkin fruit.

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