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How to fertilize potatoes

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How to fertilize potatoes What principles should be followed for basic and follow-up fertilizers

Potatoes are a crop that requires a lot of fertilizer, and at different times, different types of fertilizer are needed. Here's how to fertilize potatoes, its base fertilizer and fertilizer to follow which principles.

A, the principle of potato fertilization requirements

Potatoes from bud to seedling, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium accounted for 6%, 8% and 9%, respectively, while in the development period, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium accounted for 33%, 34% and 36%, respectively, when in the potato period, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium accounted for 56%, 58% and 55%.

When the potato is in the seedling stage, less fertilizer absorption, and in the development period will be fast growth, when entering the beginning of the potato will enter the peak of fertilizer absorption, and then will decline, so in the application of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, the use of these three elements need to be calculated in accordance with the percentage of the total amount of potato fertilizer absorption.

Second, the potato base fertilizer to reapply

In the base fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer dosage of about 50%, can be used in the planting before the ditch or hole application method of fertilizer, general mu yield of 1500kg of field, mu organic fertilizer 1500-2500kg, urea 20kg, calcium 20-30kg, potash 10-12kg, for high-yielding areas can be appropriate to increase the amount of fertilizer.

When planting potatoes in areas with cooler temperatures, you can apply more farmyard manure and combine it with chemical fertilizer as base fertilizer, which can improve the physical properties of the soil and facilitate growth and potato production.

Note: You can not apply fertilizer too close to the seed potatoes, generally at 2-3cm from the seed potatoes, after fertilization mulch.

Three, potato fertilization points

1, the seedling period can be combined with the cultivation of the soil to chase nitrogen fertilizer, generally 5-8kg mu of urea with water, to help preserve seedlings.

2, after flowering can be foliar spray phosphorus, potassium fertilizer, general foliar spray 0.3-0.5% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution 50kg / mu, note: if the stage is missing nitrogen fertilizer, can increase the urea 100-150g, every 10-15 days spray 1, 2-3 times in a row.

3, when the soil boron deficiency or zinc deficiency, available 0.1-0.3% borax or zinc sulfate root spraying, mu with a solution of 50-70kg, sprayed every other week, sprayed 2 times in a row.

4, pay attention to the potato planting period should not be too much fertilizer containing chlorine.

Fourth, potatoes can also be foliar spray fertilizer

Potatoes after flowering, foliar mainly phosphorus, potassium fertilizer, per mu can spray 0.3-0.5% of potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution 50 kg, if the lack of nitrogen can increase 100-150 grams of urea, every 10-15 days spray, even spray 2-3 times can be.

Potatoes are more sensitive to boron, zinc, if the soil is boron deficiency or zinc deficiency, you can use 0.1-0.3% of borax or zinc sulfate root spraying, generally every 7 days, even spray 2 times can be.

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