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How to fertilize potatoes

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How to fertilize potatoes:

The fertilization of potatoes is generally based on the principle of "mainly organic fertilizer, supplemented by chemical fertilizer, heavy application of basic fertilizer, and top-dressing fertilizer early". 

Because organic fertilizer is rich in organic matter, it is conducive to fertilizing, loosening soil, improving soil fertility, and is more conducive to potato tuber expansion and root growth. Potatoes need more water and fertilizer during the flowering period, and this is also the season when the temperature rises and rainfall increases, and it is also the stage when the organic fertilizer gradually matures and decomposes to release nutrients. At this time, the conversion benefits of organic fertilizers and inorganic fertilizers in the base fertilizer continued to expand, which met the demand for nutrients during potato growth and promoted the growth and development of plants. This is the purpose of re-application of basal fertilizer.

There are two main points for re-application of basal fertilizer:

1. High-quality organic fertilizer is mainly used in fertilization;

2. It is necessary to insist on the application of organic fertilizer and three-element chemical fertilizer. The amount of three-element chemical fertilizer should be 2/3 of the amount used in the whole growth period as base fertilizer, and 1/3 of the amount should be used as top dressing. The base fertilizer application rate of 1500-2000 kilograms of potatoes per 667 square meters is: 2000-3500 kilograms of high-quality organic fertilizer, 12 kilograms of urea, 20-30 kilograms of superphosphate, 150-200 kilograms of plant ash or 10-15 kilograms of potassium chloride. Mix the above-mentioned fertilizer and organic fertilizer evenly, and apply it as base fertilizer in the soil layer below 10 cm, which can loosen the potato layer and facilitate the absorption of potato roots.

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