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How to fertilize peanuts with basal and seed fertilizer

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How to fertilize peanuts with basal and seed fertilizer

How to fertilize peanuts, which is a concern for many growers, the next step is to introduce how to apply basal and seed fertilizer to peanuts?

How to fertilise peanuts

Planting peanuts more organic fertilizer as a base fertilizer, the amount is generally 45 to 75 tons per hectare. Peanut application of organic fertilizer can not only provide an excellent nutritional environment for the growth of peanuts, but also promote the activities of rhizobia, increasing nitrogen sources for peanuts.

Peanut dryland cultivation more, the same amount of fertilizer applied as a base fertilizer than as a chasing effect. If you can apply a full base fertilizer, you can generally apply less or no fertilizer.

In addition to organic fertilizers, phosphate and potash should also be used as a base fertilizer. Tests have shown that peanuts suitable nitrogen, phosphorus ratio of 1:1.5, in each hectare of nitrogen fertilizer 75 kg, phosphorus fertilizer 112.5 kg, nitrogen fertilizer utilization rate is high, the loss rate is low, pod production and high economic benefits.

Peanut seed fertiliser fertilisation methods

Under the conditions of infertile sandy soil or insufficient base fertiliser, the application of nitrogen or phosphorus fertiliser as seed fertiliser often has good yielding effect. The amount of seed fertiliser should not be excessive, 75 kg of ammonium sulphate or 50 kg of granular calcium superphosphate per hectare is sufficient.

Peanut seeds are more sensitive to fertilisers and seed fertilisers should not come into contact with seeds.

Key points of fertiliser for peanuts

Fertiliser at seedling stage is important to increase leaf area and dry matter accumulation. As well as the number of flowers, needles, fruit number, 100 fruit weight have a promotional effect. Seedling fertilizer dosage of 15-20 kg of nitrogen fertilizer and 20-25 kg of phosphorus fertilizer per hectare, the South mostly with human and animal manure and urine, 7.5 tons per hectare.

When planting peanuts in acidic soil areas should be supplemented with calcium fertilizer, 250 to 350 kg of cooked lime powder per hectare, applied deep in the fruit layer.

Peanut fertiliser is slightly less effective during the flowering stage compared with the seedling stage, and the effective period for chasing nitrogen fertiliser is the bud differentiation period 10 days before flowering. When it is necessary to apply phosphorus fertiliser as a chaser, it should be applied before the flowering needle stage.

In the later stages of fertility, when the root system's ability to absorb nutrients is weakened, a foliar spray of phosphorus solution can make the pods full and solid.

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