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How to fertilize honey pomelo in different growth periods

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How to fertilize honey pomelo in different growth periods and what to pay attention to

Fertilizing young trees

The fertilization of honey pomelo is mainly divided into two stages. First of all, let's talk about how to fertilize honey pomelo in the young tree stage.

When planting, we should re-apply basic fertilizers, mainly organic fertilizers, supplemented by appropriate amounts of potassium and nitrogen fertilizers. About half a month after planting, we need to fertilize. In order to promote the growth of honey pomelo branches and leaves, we need to use manure and urine with about 30 pounds of urea for watering.

One of the principles of our fertilization during the growth period of young trees is to apply thin fertilizers frequently. Generally, we need to apply fertilizer once every two weeks to one month. It should be noted that when fertilizing in winter, we should fertilize as deeply as possible, and fertilize by ditching or stacking, so that the honey pomelo tree can spend the winter smoothly.

Fertilize trees

1. Growth fertilizer

Growth fertilizer is generally carried out in February and March every year, mainly to promote the growth of treetops. We mainly use urea, phosphate fertilizer and boron fertilizer. On average, 100 kg of urea, 30 kg of phosphate fertilizer and 20 kg of phosphate fertilizer are required per mu. Jin boron fertilizer, of which urea is usually used for spraying, while phosphate fertilizer and boron fertilizer are carried out by watering. It should be noted that the growth fertilizer generally needs to be fertilized twice, and then fertilized again about half a month after the initial fertilization, which can promote the flowering period to a certain extent.

2. Flower-promoting fertilizer

For flower-promoting fertilizer, we generally fertilize twice in the ten days before the flowers bloom and half a month after the flowers bloom. The first flower fertilizer is around April, which is mainly based on compound fertilizers, and an appropriate amount of phosphate and potassium fertilizers. The second flower fertilizer is around May. We fertilize according to the growth of honey pomelo, and spray an appropriate amount of anti-dropping element, which can prevent the phenomenon of fruit drop.

3. Strong fruit fertilizer

Needless to say, we also know that the strong fruit fertilizer is to make the honey pomelo grow big and good. The ingredients of the strong fruit fertilizer are mainly organic fertilizers and high-efficiency potassium fertilizers. We usually use the method of deep ditching and deep application of organic fertilizer, but we generally apply high-efficiency potash fertilizer by spraying, that is, we can also spray an appropriate amount of foliar fertilizer.

4. Conservation fertilizer

The maintenance fertilizer is actually what we usually call winter fertilizer, which is usually carried out after the honey pomelo is picked and cleared. , is to prepare for the high yield in the coming year, in fact, all this is for high yield. The maintenance fertilizers are mainly based on organic fertilizers and compound fertilizers, which are applied in deep trenches or deep in rings.

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