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How to fertilize grapes

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1、Fertilizer: mainly organic fertilizer, the amount of fertilizer generally accounts for about 60%-70% of the total annual fertilizer, per mu into the stable manure or compost 3000-5000kg, if you choose the market drying chicken manure is 700-1000kg, can also be accompanied by adding 30 kg of compound fertilizer, it should be noted that the fertilization of organic fertilizer must be well-rotted.  

2、Fertilizer: mainly in the growth period to promote plant growth and fruit development.  

3、Budding fertilizer: Apply in early spring before the buds start to sprout, mainly with fast-acting nitrogen fertilizer, and irrigate immediately after the fertilizer is finished to promote sprouting neatly. Can be applied urea or well-rotted humanurea, urea to 0.1-0.4 kg/plant, humanurea liquid fertilizer flushing 8-10 kg/plant.  

4, pre-bloom fertilizer: 7-10 days before flowering fertilizer, it is appropriate to choose nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer, 0.1-0.15 kg/plant. 

5, expansion of fruit fertilizer: this period of fertilization to do a combination of fast-acting nitrogen fertilizer and compound fertilizer, urea 0.1-0.5 kg/plant, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer 0.1-0.5 kg/plant.  

6, color and sugar fertilizer: refers to the fertilizer applied before or at the beginning of the fruit color change, mainly phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. Choose potassium sulfate 0.2-0.4 kg/plant

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