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How to fertilize garlic and green onions?

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1. The law of garlic needs fertilizer

The growth of garlic requires a high amount of fertilizer. Generally, every 100 kg of garlic needs to absorb 1.48 kg of nitrogen, 0.35 kg of phosphorus, and 1.34 kg of potassium from the soil, with an absorption ratio of 1:0.24:0.91.

In different growth and development stages, the absorption amount and ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients are also very different; the absorption amount of nutrients by garlic is larger in the seedling stage, followed by the bulb expansion stage, and the garlic stalk harvesting period is less.

Second, the principle of garlic fertilization

1. When fertilizing garlic, it is generally necessary to adhere to the principles of "organic fertilizer as the mainstay, and chemical fertilizer as the supplement", "basic fertilizer as the mainstay, topdressing as the supplement", and "coarse fertilizer and fine application of chemical fertilizers" to meet the requirements of garlic in the growth process. Nutritional needs.

2. The base fertilizer is mainly organic fertilizer, and sufficient base fertilizer is required; top dressing is divided into 4 stages, usually before overwintering, greening period, garlic sprout elongation and garlic growth period. The top dressing usually needs nitrogen fertilizer as the mainstay, combined with phosphorus , Potash fertilizer and all kinds of micro-fertilizers.

Three, the basic method of garlic fertilization

1. Base fertilizer: 5000-6000 kg of decomposed organic fertilizer and 50-100 kg of compound fertilizer are generally applied per mu.

2. Seedling fertilizer: It can be carried out about 15 days after emergence. Generally, 5-8 kg of high-nitrogen compound fertilizer is applied per mu. Note: For fields with higher fertility and sufficient base fertilizer, seedling fertilizer can be omitted.

3. Re-green fertilizer: it can be applied around the spring equinox, generally 8-10 kg of high-nitrogen compound fertilizer per mu.

4. Bolting fertilizer: It can be used when the differentiation of scale buds and flower buds is completed. When garlic stalks are exposed, bolting fertilizer is applied. Generally, 25-30 kg compound fertilizer is applied per mu.

5. Scalp fertilizer: usually 25-30 days after bolting fertilizer is applied, it is mainly nitrogen fertilizer, combined with phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. Generally, 15-20 kg of high-nitrogen compound fertilizer can be applied per mu.

Fourth, reapply nitrogen fertilizer in the later stage of garlic

When garlic enters the later stage of growth, there is a large demand for nitrogen, and phosphorus fertilizer is usually no longer applied. Generally, it can be used in the bolting period of garlic. Generally, 2.5-3 kg of urea can be flushed with water per acre, or amino acid water-soluble fertilizer can be applied About 2.5-5 kg.

After the garlic is plucked, it can be sprayed with foliar fertilizer. Generally, 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate + various trace elements foliar fertilizer + brassinolide + 15% Fenpinin fungicide can be sprayed to achieve the goal of high quality and high yield. .

5. What to do if you use too much fertilizer to grow garlic

If the fertilizer is used too much, it can be watered in time to dilute the concentration of the fertilizer, and part of the fertilizer can be taken away with the flow of water. You can also mix 2-3 grams of Bihu with a proper amount of water per mu, and then spray it. Generally, it can effectively alleviate the fertilizer damage.

If harmful gases such as ammonia, nitrous acid, sulfur dioxide, etc. appear due to the application of excessive nitrogen and organic fertilizers, ventilation should be carried out in time.

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