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How to fertilise kiwifruit

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How to fertilise kiwifruit.

1. Fertilisation of the young kiwifruit tree. As the tree has just been planted, in the first three years of fruiting, it is mainly the crown and root system that expands, at which point it does not require much fertiliser. In order to adapt to the characteristics of this period, the amount of fertiliser applied should be small and the number of fertiliser applications should be high.

2. Fertilisation of the adult kiwifruit tree. The different periods are divided into: pre-flowering fertilisation (tip fertilisation) and post-flowering fruit promotion fertilisation. The pre-flowering fertiliser is carried out before germination, with nitrogen as the main fertiliser. After flowering, young fruit grows rapidly and the new tips and leaves are accelerating in growth, requiring a lot of fertiliser, which is then applied to strengthen the fruit, promote the tips and expand the crown.

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