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How to fertilise bananas? Fertilisation techniques for bananas

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Fertiliser application for bananas.

According to research, bananas need 150.5 grams of nitrogen, 40.7 grams of phosphorus and 561 grams of potassium per plant a year. However, the plant can only absorb part of the fertiliser, of which 50% (or only 1/4) of the fertiliser is nitrogen, 50% of the fertiliser is potassium and 20%-30% of the fertiliser is phosphorus, which means that 50%-80% of the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertiliser applied is lost or fixed by the soil.

Therefore, the amount of fertiliser applied to bananas should include the total of both the amount taken up by the plant and the amount lost or fixed. To determine a reasonable amount of fertiliser for the garden, the local climatic conditions must also be taken into account. The soil structure and fertility of the plantation, as well as the availability of water, the production objectives (i.e. yield per unit area, single or multiple banana cultivation, new planting or lodging), the planting density, the type of variety, the level of management and other factors.

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