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How to fertilise banana trees? What is the best fertilizer for banana trees? (with fertilisation techniques)

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Since last winter, the national banana industry market has started to rebound and pick up, cheering up banana people who have been in a heavy mood for years, and everyone's enthusiasm for planting bananas has risen again. Bananas are a high fertiliser-demanding crop and fertiliser management is crucial to achieving a good yield and harvest in a favourable market, and its an important part of field management.

Numerous studies have shown that for every 1000 kg of bananas produced, 7.8 kg of pure nitrogen, 1 kg of phosphorus pentoxide and 28.8 kg of potassium oxide need to be absorbed. Bananas are known as potassium-loving plants, so it is important to pay attention to potassium fertiliser when fertilising. The ripening banana harvest takes a lot of nutrients from the soil of the banana plantation, so proper fertiliser management will not only allow the crop to achieve high yields, but also maintain the fertility of the land.

Of course, it is not enough to supplement the banana crop with potassium fertiliser alone, but it is also crucial to apply sufficient organic fertiliser early on, as a good organic fertiliser can improve the soil and improve the ecological environment for banana root growth, providing rich organic matter and micro-organisms to help the bananas grow strong. A large number of user cases have proved that bio-organic fertiliser made from soybean meal and high quality chicken manure, applied at an early rate of seven or eight pounds per plant, can ensure healthy and strong banana growth, helping many banana users in Guangxi and Yunnan to achieve a good harvest year after year.

It is for this reason that banana fertilisation cannot simply be seen as a co-ordination of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It is strictly different at different times.

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