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How to fertilise a banana plantation

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How to fertilise a banana plantation

Bananas are generally grown in tropical and subtropical areas with good light and temperature conditions. In order to improve production and efficiency, it is necessary to know the rules and characteristics of banana fertilisation.

I. Fertiliser requirements and characteristics of bananas

Bananas require a lot of fertiliser and are particularly sensitive to fertiliser. Once bananas are deficient in nutrients, they will show different symptoms and need to be supplemented with the corresponding fertiliser in time.

In the case of nitrogen deficiency, the banana leaves turn yellowish green, the leaves are reddish and the leaves are slow to emerge; in the case of potassium deficiency, the leaves break, the fruits turn yellow early and the old leaves lose their green colour; in the case of phosphorus deficiency, the new leaves are slow to emerge, the old leaves lose their green colour at the edges and jagged spots appear.

In the case of calcium deficiency, the lateral veins of young leaves become thicker and the leaf margins near the tips lose their green colour; in the case of magnesium deficiency, the leaf margins gradually turn yellow towards the middle help and the leaf sequence changes.

How to fertilise a new banana plantation

When planting, we should apply sufficient organic fertiliser, and when two new leaves are produced, we should apply a thin fertiliser in combination with water, usually humanure urine and organic compound fertiliser, combined with foliar spraying of potassium dihydrogen phosphate.

III. How to fertilise old banana plantations

In order to lay the foundation for a good banana production, you can apply 60% quick-acting fertiliser in February-March and the remaining 40% quick-acting fertiliser in May-August, once with well-rotted organic fertiliser and compound fertiliser, combined with foliar fertiliser such as potassium dihydrogen phosphate, and the second time with more fertiliser, with nitrogen and potassium-based organic fertiliser and manure and urine and grass ashes.

During the fruiting period of bananas, fast-acting nitrogen and phosphorus fertilisers are applied in combination with manure and urine water, and during the development of the young fruit of the mother plant, organic compound fertilisers are applied in combination with organic manure and urine to improve the yield and quality of banana fruit.

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