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How to choose spring peanuts and seed handling matters

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1. Seed selection

The low emergence rate of peanuts and poor seed quality are one of the reasons. Although some farmers have tested that the germination rate is about 80%, the seeds were mechanically damaged during sowing, or affected by temperature and humidity after sowing, and the emergence time was slow. There are also some seeds that will not sprout after being sown by underground pests.

Therefore, before sowing peanuts, the seeds should be sun-dried with shells, and the seeds with large and full seeds should be selected to improve the germination rate of the seeds. If the outer skin of the seeds is broken during machine peeling or sowing, increase the seeding rate appropriately. In addition, after using the seed dressing agent, the emergence time of peanuts is slow, and it is very important to select the seeds with full seeds, which have more nutrients, strong vitality and high germination rate.

2. Fertilizer dressing

When dressing peanut seeds, in addition to dressing seeds with chemicals, you can also use fertilizers to dress seeds. The emergence of peanuts mainly depends on the nutrients in the seeds. If they do not sprout in the soil for a long time, the seeds can absorb nutrients, enhance the vitality of the seeds, and reduce the rotten seeds.

When using nutrient elements for seed dressing, the commonly used fertilizers are potassium dihydrogen phosphate to reduce the lack of seedlings. There are also some commonly used trace elements such as molybdenum and boron for seed dressing to supplement the content of trace elements. Other fertilizers are generally rarely used for seed dressing to avoid burning the seeds. There are also some farmers who add brassinolide when dressing seeds to promote seed germination and increase the germination rate.

Planting peanuts in spring, after sowing encounters low temperature or continuous rainy days, leads to slow emergence and fewer seedlings. Therefore, the quality of seeds should be improved, seeds with full grains should be selected, and then seed dressing with chemicals and fertilizers should be used to reduce rotten seeds, mildew, and lack of seedlings.

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