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How to choose corn seeds and when to sow them

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Before sowing corn, the seeds should be specially treated, and the main steps are seed selection, seed drying, seed dipping, seed mixing and coating treatment, etc.

I. Maize seed selection

The first is to select the type of corn, to the climate characteristics of different regions, the growth period, growth environment, rainfall and temperature changes to be considered. Secondly, you should try to select those seeds that are full of seeds, no surface damage, no insect frogs, and eliminate the seeds that do not meet the requirements.

Second, corn sun seed method

The selected seeds will be spread on the ground and mat, spring sun for 2-3 days to promote maturity, in order to reduce the water content, enhance the ability of the seeds to absorb up, but also the role of fungicide and disease prevention.

Seeds sown in the fall, the sun is in the heat, avoid the seeds in the metal plate or cement floor spread sun, the application of bamboo mats, reed mats or boards mat sun, to prevent high temperature hot seeds, especially sweet corn seeds.

Three, corn seed soaking requirements

Seed soaking with water or with nutrient solution can be, if necessary, with warm water. Soaking seeds with nutrient solution often have potassium dihydrogen phosphate, trace elements, rooting powder, etc.. Potassium dihydrogen phosphate is mixed with water at 1:400-1:600, and the seeds are dipped for 8-10 hours to promote the development of the root system. The type of micronutrient fertilizer is chosen according to the deficiency of micronutrients in the soil.

Soaked seeds on the sowing site moisture requirements are very strict, should choose moisture, or immediately after sowing can be irrigated, otherwise the soaked seeds will be backed up by the soil to absorb water, the water in the seeds seepage, affecting germination.

Fourth, the seed mixing method

In order to prevent pests and diseases, the seeds can be mixed with pharmaceuticals, such as 0.5% copper sulfate solution to reduce the occurrence of black powder disease, with phoxim mixed with seeds to prevent umbilical maggots, ground tigers, goldenseal, Lou Gou and other underground pests.

Five, corn seed coating treatment

Corn seed coating can effectively prevent and control seedling pests and diseases, to ensure that the whole seedling strong seedlings, along with the seeds, germination, seedlings until the seedlings grow, the active ingredients of the seed coating agent is gradually absorbed by the root conduct to all parts of the seedling, to play the role of disease and insect prevention.

Wear rubber gloves and work clothes when sowing coated seeds, and excess coated seeds should not be consumed or used as feed. After the coated seeds emerge, the corn seedlings between them also have residual poison and should not be used as green fodder.

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