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How to apply urea without waste What to pay attention to when applying urea

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How to apply urea without waste What to pay attention to when applying urea

Urea contains high nitrogen content, easy to apply, popular among farmers. So, how to apply urea is not a waste, what do you need to pay attention to the application of urea?

A, the application of urea need to pay attention to what

1, try to avoid applying alone. The ideal application method is to apply organic fertilizer first, and then apply urea, calcium superphosphate, potassium chloride and other fertilizers in a reasonable formula.

2, urea can not be mixed with ammonium carbon. Ammonium carbon and urea mixed application, will make the conversion of urea into ammonia is greatly slowed down, easy to cause the loss of urea and volatile loss.

3, urea can not immediately after the application of urea irrigation. Urea is the amide state nitrogen fertilizer, after the application must be converted into ammonia nitrogen in order to be absorbed by the crop. If applied immediately after irrigation or before heavy rain, urea will be lost.

Second, how to apply urea is not a waste

1, according to soil fertility to determine the number of fertilizer. Practice has proved that the low-yielding plots of land to increase the amount of fertilizer, can significantly improve the yield. For high-yielding fields to maintain the general level of fertilization can be.

2, in the crop nutrient bloom chasing fertilizer. The key to improving the utilization rate of fertilizer is to master the critical period of nutrient uptake and greater efficiency of various crops, as far as possible to do in the nutrient phase of the crop fertilizer, in order to improve the utilization rate of fertilizer.

3, urea should be applied deeply to cover the soil. In the use of urea to dry field crops fertilizer, as far as possible is to plan pits or open furrows deep application of 10 cm or less, so as to make urea in the moist soil, conducive to the transformation of urea, but also conducive to ammonia fertilizer is adsorbed by the soil to reduce volatile losses.

4, urea should be applied in advance. Because urea is a low molecular organic compounds, applied to the soil to have an ammonia process, into a very volatile ammonium carbonate before the crop root system absorption. Therefore, urea to crop fertilization should be applied about 7 days earlier than other nitrogen fertilizers.

5, urea can not be mixed with alkaline fertilizers. Urea is a neutral fertilizer, fertilizer should not be mixed with alkaline fertilizers, in order to prevent the reduction of fertilizer efficiency. If mixed with alkaline fertilizers can not be, but also to stagger the date of fertilization, generally 3 to 5 days apart.

6, urea is appropriate to do outside the root chase fertilizer. Urea on crop leaf damage is small, and easily soluble in water, strong diffusion, easy to be absorbed by the leaves, into the leaves is not easy to cause the phenomenon of mass wall separation, so very suitable for root fertilization. However, we should use high-quality urea with no more than 2% diurea content to prevent damage to the leaves.

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