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How to apply nitrogen fertiliser correctly

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(1) According to the characteristics of various nitrogen fertilizers to be treated differently.

Ammonium bicarbonate and ammonia are easy to volatilize and run ammonia, so they should be applied deeply as base fertilizer; nitrate nitrogen fertilizer is highly mobile in the soil and has fast fertilizing effect, so it is a good fertilizer for dry fields; ammonium nitrogen fertilizer or urea is available for fertilizing water fields in general; urea, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonia, lime nitrogen and other fertilizers are toxic to seeds and should not be used as seed fertilizer; ammonium sulphate and other fertilizers can be used as seed fertilizer, but the dosage should not be too much, and it is better to have soil isolation between fertilizer and seeds; in dry areas with low rainfall In dry areas with low rainfall, the problem of leaching of nitrate nitrogen fertilizers is not prominent, so it is more appropriate to apply nitrate nitrogen fertilizers, and in rainy areas or rainfall season, it is better to apply ammonium nitrogen fertilizers and urea.

(2) Nitrogen fertilizer should be applied deeply.

Deep application of nitrogen fertilizer can reduce the loss of direct volatilization, loss with water and nitrification denitrification of fertilizer. Deep application of fertilizer is also beneficial to root development, making the root system deeply rooted and expanding the nutrient area.

(3) Reasonable application of other fertilizers.

Nitrogen fertilizer and organic fertilizer with the application of high crop yields, stable yields, reduce costs has an important role to play, so that not only can better meet the crop's needs for nutrients, but also to fertilize the ground. Nitrogen and phosphorus fertilisers can be applied in combination to improve the use of both nitrogen and phosphorus nutrients, especially on soils with low soil fertility, where nitrogen and phosphorus fertilisers work better together. On soils with insufficient effective potassium content, nitrogen and potassium fertilisers used in combination can also improve the effect of nitrogen fertilisers.

(4) Determine the reasonable amount of nitrogen fertiliser according to the target yield of the crop and the soil's ability to supply nitrogen, and reasonably grasp the proportion of base fertiliser, chasing fertiliser and the application period, which also depends on the specific crop and is combined with irrigation, tillage and other agronomic measures.

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