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How to apply grape germination fertilizer Principles of germination and fertilization

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The fertiliser used before budding is called the budding fertiliser. The grapevine budding period is also the period when flower buds continue to differentiate.

One of the main reasons for the lack of flowers and inflorescences in southern grapes is the lack of nutrition during this period, which leads to poorly differentiated flower buds that become small inflorescences with tendrils. 

The fertiliser is applied to all varieties. The fertiliser is applied about 10 days before budding. Dosage: 25 kg of potassium sulphate (15-15-15) compound fertiliser and 3 kg of borax per mu.

I. Why should grapes be fertilised with sprouting fertiliser? What does it do?

It is usually applied before the grapes sprout, this time with nitrogen fertiliser (a large amount of water-soluble fertiliser is appropriate), in order to promote neat sprouting, thick leaves and large and strong inflorescences. 

This will help to reduce bud degradation and help to differentiate the buds so that the new shoots can grow steadily and the inflorescence can develop well, which will help the flower buds to divide and flower and fruit to develop normally. If too much nitrogen nutrition will lead to vine leaf growth, flowering and fruiting aggravated.

The new growth period, inflorescence separation to the flowering and fruiting period, need more nitrogen nutrition and a certain amount of phosphorus, potassium nutrition, the application of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium compound fertilizer or urea. Magnesium fertilizers such as magnesium sulphate and borax are also applied in this period.

Second, the fertilisation period

Apply about 15 days before budding. In southern greenhouses, it can be applied after mulching.

Fertilizer amount

Fertilizer application reference value. Medium-fertilized varieties can be fertilized with 10~15 kg of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer.

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