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How to Properly Use Organic Fertilizers in the Soil

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The poor use of organic fertilisers is related to the promotional misinformation of fertiliser salesmen, but also to the user's own knowledge and habits of use.

A good quality soil should be able to provide stable and coordinated water, fertiliser, gas and heat inter-root environmental conditions for plant growth, with the role of supporting anchoring plants, maintaining moisture and air permeability, and also having a buffering effect to keep the inter-root environment relatively stable.

A good soil has the right ratio of solids, liquids and gases in its physical properties, and has the right volume, total porosity and pore size ratio.

Chemically, it has a high cation exchange, a good fertiliser retention, a pH close to neutral and a certain buffering capacity, and a certain C/N ratio to maintain the biological stability of the substrate during the cultivation process. It is towards this goal that we produce organic fertilisers to improve the soil.

The second category of causes can be summarised in one simple sentence: wrong application methods.

Here is a brief description of a few application mistakes that we hope you will pay attention to.

1. Fertiliser chasing

Users of organic fertilisers as fertilisers to chase, not in time to cover the soil, fertilisers only in the soil surface, can not be fully in contact with the soil, can not play the effect of soil improvement.

In addition to the sun and rain, beneficial microorganisms can not play a role, nutrients will also be lost with the water, organic fertilizer buffering capacity, loosening the soil, holding water and air, insulation and fertilizer and other functions are not reflected.

The best way of organic fertiliser should be used with inorganic fertiliser as a base fertiliser, preferably mixed with soil, but at least (organic fertiliser) should not be exposed on the soil surface, such as ditching and cave application.

2. Organic fertiliser in direct contact with the crop

Some users are worried that the fertilizer effect is not enough, or want to see results as soon as possible, in the use of organic fertilizer and crops in direct contact, the consequences of this will lead to burning seedlings will be serious dead!

3. Fresh manure used directly

The application of fresh manure is like a manufacturer selling unrotted organic fertiliser to the user, but the problem will be more serious.

Application of organic manure and precautions

I. It should be applied with sufficient moisture and at the right temperature. No matter what kind of soil it is applied on, there must be sufficient moisture to facilitate its rapid decomposition and transformation.

Second, in order to make the fertiliser reflect the long-lasting and quick-acting sustained effect, where organic fertiliser is applied to the field, the amount of organic fertiliser applied per mu should be sufficient, but not too much, so as not to burn the seedlings; the specific amount is determined according to the product content and the characteristics of the crop's fertiliser requirement period.

Third, the amount of fertilizer used to do the base can not be too much, especially the vegetable greenhouse can not be excessive application; attention to the vegetable greenhouse with organic fertilizer must pay attention to the amount of nitrogen, the current market general organic fertilizer total nutrients are 5-organic 45, 10-45, 12-45, vegetable greenhouse taught applicable to the 5-45 organic fertilizer content.

Fourth, when the soil moisture is insufficient, after application to timely drought moisture transfer

Note: According to the soil and local climate and habits are different, the amount of fertilizer application varies, should be based on the actual local soil conditions to determine the amount of fertilizer application.

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