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How to Fertilize Coffee Tree Seedlings

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Young coffee trees are in the vegetative growth period. Fertilizers should be mainly ammonia and phosphorus fertilizers. Appropriate application of potassium fertilizers can promote the growth of roots and branches, accelerate the formation of crowns, cultivate a good tree shape, and lay the foundation for high yields. However, fertilization should be mastered frequently. The principle of thinness. The fertilization of coffee trees should be mainly ammonia and potassium fertilizers, along with phosphate fertilizers and other elemental fertilizers. The fertilization scheme was as follows: 20 g/plant of urea was applied for the first time 20 days after the saplings planted in that year survived; 30 g/plant of mixed fertilizer of ammonia, phosphorus and potassium was applied for the second fertilization before the end of the rainy season. In the second year, the first fertilization was from February to March, the second time from May to June, and the third time from August to September. In the third year, the first fertilization is from February to March in combination with cultivating and weeding, and 1000 grams of oil and dryness per plant are applied. The second time is from May to June, and the third time is from August to September. Mixed fertilizers of ammonia, phosphorus and fertilizer are applied. 100g/plant. Fertilization of coffee trees put into production: for the first time from February to March, topdress oil 1500 g/plant, and for the second, third, and fourth time, apply chlorine, phosphorus, and potassium to each plant in May, July, and September, respectively. Mixed fertilizer 150g/plant. Fertilization method of coffee trees: young trees are 0.20 meters away from the root base, and mature trees are dug a circular or semi-circular fertilizing ditch at the dripping place of the plant crown, 0.20 meters wide and 0.20-0.30 meters deep, and cover immediately after fertilization. earth,

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