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How To Protect Strawberries From Freezing in Winter?

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1. Cover with mulch

Water well before winter. Then wait until the soil surface is slightly dry, and then level the soil and cover it with plastic film. Make sure that the mulch is in full contact with the soil, and then use stones or soil blocks to compact the mulch around to prevent the wind from blowing away the mulch. The mulch can use crop straw, such as straw, cornstalk, etc. The main purpose is to increase the temperature of the soil, prevent the strawberry from freezing damage caused by running temperature, and affect the growth. After covering the straw, cover it with a layer of plastic film to enhance the effect of the mulch.

2. Moisture management

Strawberries have relatively high water requirements, even after the shed is closed in winter, the humidity should be kept at about 55% as much as possible. Then observe the growth of the seedlings. If the seedlings spit water every morning, it means that the water is sufficient, on the contrary, it means that there is a lack of water. If the strawberry lacks water, it will affect the growth of the strawberry, causing the leaves to curl, dry and fall. Therefore, when the strawberry is short of water, it should be watered in time. When watering, it should not be selected in cloudy and rainy days, and ventilation should be done after watering to prevent diseases caused by excessive humidity.

3. Timely buckle the shed

Before entering the deep winter, the seedlings should be properly sprayed with chemicals such as Tianbao to improve the cold resistance of the seedlings. Then do the shedding work at night, pay attention to observe the temperature changes, and do it in time when the temperature is lower than about 12 degrees. And when the temperature drops to 5 degrees, a small arch should be built in the shed, or covered. In the north and other regions, it is necessary to add bulbs in the arched shed as much as possible, which not only provides sufficient light for the growth of strawberries, but also can appropriately increase the temperature and promote the growth of strawberries. membrane time.

4. Pest control

After the shed is closed, it is necessary to pay attention to the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests. The harm of diseases and insect pests is very large. After harming various organs and parts of strawberries, the cold resistance of strawberries is seriously reduced. So we are also a problem that we cannot ignore. Strengthen the management of orchards, spray and disinfect them regularly, and pay attention to wait until the dew is dry when spraying fungicides. Otherwise, the potion will evaporate with the dew, resulting in poorer effect. Therefore, I hope that everyone will do a good job in this aspect when planting to ensure that strawberries survive the winter successfully.

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