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How To Plant Melon, How To Fertilize

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Gualou is the dry and mature fruit of the Cucurbitaceae Trichocarpus plant, also known as Trichosanthes, candied melon, Lou melon, Lou melon, etc. It has the effects of drying dampness and resolving phlegm, dispelling dampness and relieving spasm, dispersing knots and reducing swelling. So, how to plant melon is better? How to fertilize melon?

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1. Land preparation

(1) Melon is a deep-rooted plant, and its roots can be 1-2 meters deeper than the soil. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a deep, loose and fertile sandy loam for planting, or it can also use the front house, tree, ditch and other places to grow.

(2) Before the completion of the plot, 5000kg of farmland fertilizer can be applied as base fertilizer per 1000 square meters, and 30kg of calcium phosphate can be added to the soil. 15-20 days before sowing, 75% of wet cotton powder needs to be sprayed for soil disinfection. , you don't need to make a bed when leveling the plot, but the plot needs to be open around the gutters.

2. Colonization method

(1) Transplanting melons to the field as soon as possible after frost-free is conducive to buying time for high yields. Generally, in early April, it can be determined according to the weather. Generally, more than 260 plants are transplanted per acre. First, place the seedlings on the sand. , then cover the seedlings with a small amount of sand and a layer of weeds on top.

3. Post management

(1) In the year when the melon is planted, 1-2 strong seedlings can be kept for each plant, and the rest are all removed. In the second year, usually only one plant remains. When the main stem of the seedling grows to 0.3-0.5 When m, the seedlings can be moved to the shelf in time with bamboo poles or soft ropes.

(2) When the seedling grows to about 1 meter, it needs to be terminal in time, which is conducive to promoting the growth of side branches. If the nutrient growth is too strong, the perennial hair stems should be trimmed in time.

How to fertilize melon

When the seedlings grow to 1 foot, open a ring ditch 0.5-1 feet away from the seedlings, then lightly water the manure water and a small amount of urea mixture once, and look at the seedlings once a week in the later stage. During the flowering period, the appropriate amount can be adjusted according to the growth conditions. It goes back to protecting flowers, protecting fruit fertilizers, adding spray to protect flowers, protecting fruit medicines, sprayable anti-drip elements and auxins.

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