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How To Manage Pepper After Planting Fertilization Management

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The root absorption of peppers is weaker than that of tomatoes and eggplants. If fertilization is wrong, it will have serious consequences. How to manage peppers after planting to ensure high yield and high quality?


Pepper Management Technology


1. Intertillage weeding


After the colonization survives, shallow cultivating once in time; before the plants are sealed, cultivating again, combining weeding and soil cultivation.


2. Fertilizer and water management


After planting, topdress the seedling fertilizer on a sunny day, and the dosage should not be too much or too thick each time, so as to prevent the plants from growing too long and delaying flowering and fruiting; when the first and second layers of fruit are applied, more fertilizer is applied to promote the growth of the fruit; After the fruit is picked, the soil is required to have sufficient fertilizer and water to meet the needs of plant growth. When irrigating, decide the irrigation time according to the weather forecast and avoid watering at noon.


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