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How To Fertilize Peppers How To Fertilize Peppers

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How to fertilize peppers How to fertilize peppers



A,the law of chili pepper fertilizer needs



Pepper fertilizer requirements at different times, from seedling to bud, the plant roots are small, small leaves, the need for nutrients also less about 5% of the total absorption.



From the emergence of buds to the first flowering the plant grows faster and needs about 10% of the total nutrients absorbed.



From the first flowering to the flowering and fruiting is the period of vigorous nutritional and reproductive growth, and the amount of nutrients absorbed accounts for about 35% of the total absorption.



From flowering to maturity, the reproductive growth of pepper is more vigorous, and the nutrient uptake accounts for about 50% of the total uptake.



Second, how to plant pepper fertilizer



(1) Generally, you can apply about 3000kg of well-rotted farmyard manure and 45kg of 45% potassium sulfate compound fertilizer per mu.



(2) Usually 60% of the fertilizer is applied before the ground is prepared, and the fertilizer needs to be mixed well with the soil, and the remaining 40% is applied in the ditch when the pepper is planted to ensure that the pepper has enough nutrients to grow.




How to fertilize chili peppers



When the plant is alive, the first fertilizer is applied, usually about 500kg of 1% ammonium sulfate water solution is applied to the mu, and the roots are poured.



The second fertilizer is applied when the plant is in bud, generally about 600kg of 40% humanure urine is applied to the mu, and the roots are poured.



After the first cluster of fruits starts to grow, the third fertilizer can be applied, generally using about 80kg of 50% human manure and urine per mu and pouring on the roots.



The amount of fertilizer used and the method of fertilization are similar to the third time.



In early August, the fifth fertilizer, generally mu 20% human manure and urine of about 800kg.



In mid-September, the sixth fertilizer was applied, and the amount and method of fertilization were similar to the fifth one.


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