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How To Fertilize Greengage? Remember These Points!

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GREENGAGE is a relatively unique fruit, its taste sweet and sour, and its variety price, in addition to some edible varieties, there are some for ornamental pot. In our country extensive cultivation, so green plum cultivation in how to fertilize it?

1.Early application of Basal Fertilizer

The growth period of greengage is early, and the growth stop is early, so the time of Basal Fertilizer Application is about 8-month shoot stop growing immediately. Organic fertilizer is the main basal fertilizer, calcium magnesium phosphate and slaked lime should be applied in acid soil. The general adult age per mu into organic fertilizer 1000-1500 kg, superphosphate 30-30 kg, potassium sulfate 10-20 kg, you can use the trench fertilization method, fertilization after covering the soil; and generally every young tree into the farm fertilizer 10-15 kg.

2.Suitable for pre-bloom fertilization

The main purpose of the pre-flowering fertilizer is to guarantee the flowering and bearing of the plum and the nutrition supply of the shoot. The amount of fertilization should also be determined according to the strength of the tree and the amount of basal fertilizer. The plants with sufficient basal fertilizer and strong tree vigor should be applied less but more. In addition, spraying borax solution before anthesis could significantly improve the fruit setting rate.

3.Apply Fruit Fertilizer Skillfully

In april-may, when the fruit is hardening, it is necessary to fertilize the fruit of more fruit-bearing, weaker trees, and stronger trees can not be applied. Generally, 0.3-0.4 kg of urea, 0.5-0.7 kg of potassium sulfate or 0.5-1 kg of compound fertilizer were applied to each plant, or 0.2% urea solution plus 0.3% of Monopotassium phosphate could be used for root topdressing in april-may, every 10 days or so foliar spray a time, continuous 2-3 times.


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