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High-yielding sunflower cultivation and management techniques

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High-yielding sunflower cultivation and management techniques

I. Land selection and preparation

1. Sunflower is suitable to be planted on a flat land, with medium fertility, convenient irrigation and drainage, and relatively small soil viscosity.

2. Sunflower generally reproduces its offspring by seed, and peat soil is used as the main soil when sowing. Before sowing, new tallow film can be used to mix the seeds, which is conducive to repelling underground pests and isolating virus infection, effectively increasing the seed germination rate.

Planting time

Sunflower growth rate is relatively fast, generally can be sown in spring and autumn, but in the spring in March-April to start sowing, the survival rate of sowing will be higher, because this time is the sunflower growth of the golden period, the appropriate temperature for sowing is 18-25 ℃, about 5-7 days after sowing will germinate.

Three, check the field to replenish seedlings

1, sunflower is a dicotyledonous crop, the general top soil out of seedlings is more difficult, coupled with the preparation, sowing quality is not high, or after sowing in the rain topsoil caking, or appear disease, insects, rodents, birds and other infestation, are prone to cause a lack of seedlings broken monopoly.

2. Therefore, in order to ensure that the whole seedling is sown, it is necessary to check field by field and row by row during the seeding period, and to make up for the lack of seedlings in patches and rows.

Inter-sowing and seedling fixing

1, sunflower should be early between seedlings, to avoid seedling crowding seedlings, affect the cultivation of strong seedlings, as for saline land and heavy pest plots, the seedling fixing time can be appropriately delayed.

2. At the same time, sunflower seedlings should be set early to help cultivate strong seedlings and promote the development of flower discs.

V. Mid-tillage and weeding

1、Till 2-3 times during the planting period. Proper weeding and loosening of the soil can help to break up knots, store water, reduce evaporation and mitigate saline damage.

2. The first ploughing can be done in 1-2 pairs of real leaves in combination with seedling setting, while the second ploughing can be done 1 week after seedling setting and the third ploughing can be done in combination with trenching, soil cultivation and fertilization before sealing the monopoly.


Sunflower is a fertilizer-loving plant. Generally speaking, fertilizer can be applied during the 3rd mid-tillage, mainly nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer, with 5kg of diammonium phosphate and 10kg of urea per mu of land.

Seven, timely irrigation

1, sunflower irrigation is generally used in the form of furrow irrigation, plant height of 1.5 m varieties, the first water needs to be carried out in the bud period, the second water can be carried out in the first flowering period, three water can be carried out in the filling period.

2, and plant height of about 2 m varieties, the head of water can be 4-5 days before flowering, while the drought is serious plots, irrigation can be appropriately advanced, the second water can be carried out 6-7 days after the first water, three water can be carried out in the filling period.

VIII. Pollination management

1, sunflower self-pollination fruiting rate is relatively low, heterogeneous pollination fruiting rate is relatively high, so we should conduct artificial auxiliary pollination in time.

2. Pollination can be carried out 3-4 times during the flowering period by using a pair of discs, powder puffs or cotton gloves, or by collecting pollen from the parents and gently applying it to the stigma of the mother with a small brush.

9. Harvesting time

1、Generally sunflower will bloom in about 50-80 days after sowing in the sun and carefully raised, and the fruit will start to mature in July-September.

2. When sunflower is ripe, it can be processed and made into melon seeds for consumption, or the ripe fruit can be harvested for oil consumption. Sunflower seed oil can make the food taste delicious and at the same time play a role in reducing fat.

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