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High-yielding potato growing techniques and management methods

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High-yielding potato growing techniques and management methods

1. Planting time

Potato planting time varies from region to region, with the northern region generally planting only one season a year, usually in spring and harvesting in autumn. In the Central and Southern Plains, spring potatoes are planted in February and March and harvested in June to July, while autumn potatoes are planted in August and harvested in November; in the South, they are sown in October to November and harvested in February to March of the following year.

2、Cutting and germination

20 to 25 days before sowing, put the seed potatoes in a sunny, warm place for 2 to 3 days, remove diseased potatoes, rotten potatoes, and cut the block. When cutting the block, it can be divided into two or four according to the top bud, and each block of seed potatoes should have 1 to 2 bud eyes and weigh 25 to 30 grams. After drying the cuttings, you can put them indoors at a temperature of 18 to 20°C for germination. When the buds grow to about 2 cm, put them under diffused light to dry and sow them after the buds have become green and thick.

3. Sowing matters

When sowing potatoes, the thickness of the soil should not be less than 12 cm. If the thickness is not sufficient, the temperature change on the ground will be too drastic and the seeds will easily scurry out of the ground. If you want to grow potatoes at high yields, you must plant them reasonably densely, thinly for large potatoes and densely for small potatoes.

4. Watering management

Potatoes are generally not watered before flowering, except in very dry conditions when a small amount of water can be applied. Watering starts at the first flowering stage. During this period, the potatoes grow too fast and their water requirements increase, so they can be watered.

5. Fertiliser management

Potatoes like to absorb ammonium nitrogen and have a high demand for potassium, so a reasonable amount of potassium sulphate can increase potato yields significantly. After the potatoes have developed buds, they can be sprayed with 0.3% potassium phosphate + 0.5% urea water (plus urea for poor growth) + 50-60 kg of water (or 150-200 g of potassium phosphate + 100-150 g of urea + 50-60 kg of water per mu) 2-3 times in succession, once every 10 days or so.

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