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Granulated Urea for Agriculture

Manufactured from reacting CO2 with ammonia, urea is one of the most commonly used Nitrogen fertilizers.
Product Description



Granulated Urea for Agriculture Product Description:

Manufactured from reacting CO2 with ammonia, urea is one of the most commonly used Nitrogen fertilizers.

Granulated Urea for Agriculture Properties:

Sold as granular and prilled product in various sizes (SGN)

Water soluble

White in colour

Application methods:

Broadcast (surface-applied) or banded (adjacent to the seedbed)

Generally used in NPK blends, along with micronutrients


Relatively easy to store and handle

Breaks down fairly quickly in the soil into a plant-available form

Has the highest concentration of N in a dry fertilizer product (46-0-0)

Blends well with most fertilizers


Hygroscopic properties so can bridge and deteriorate if stored for extended periods of time or in humid environments.

Risk of N volatilization when surface applied


Available from various external sources




SHANXI GUANGYUAN FERTILIZER CO.,LTD. is a manufacturer specialized in producing carbonate, nitrate, calcium salts and ammonium salts . Now it occupies 80,000 m², has lots of production lines and equipments as follows:

1. 2 production lines of nitric acid with annual yield 130,000mtons

2. 4 production lines of calcium ammonium nitrate.

3. 1 production lines of potassium nitrate

4. 2 production lines of nitrate fertilizer

5. 1 production lines of potassium carbonate

The annual output of nitric acid is 130,000mtons, fertilizer products 150,000mton, chemical products 30,000mtons, liquid fertilizer products 20,000mton.

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