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Four uses of potassium nitrate

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Agricultural potassium nitrate is a chlorine-free potassium and nitrogen compound fertilizer, which overcomes many disadvantages of traditional fertilizers and is an ideal fertilizer for economic crops such as tobacco, fruits and vegetables. The total content of plant nutrients potassium and nitrogen can reach about 58%, and it has good physical and chemical properties.


In China has become one of the major producers of potassium nitrate. The production capacity of potassium nitrate has reached more than 2 million tons, and there are more than 50 production enterprises. According to the distribution of potassium ore resources, potassium nitrate production enterprises are mainly distributed in the northwest, southwest, and central China. Now analyze the trend of potassium nitrate industry from four aspects:

1. Downstream applications: The demand for potassium nitrate in China is mainly concentrated in the agricultural field, accounting for about 60%; followed by the glass industry, the demand for potassium nitrate accounts for about 10%. Potassium nitrate industry trend analysis, while other industries such as food industry, ceramic industry and pharmaceutical industry account for about 8%, 7%, and 4.6% respectively.

2. Application in the field of agriculture: First of all, the per capita disposable income of urban residents in China is gradually increasing and people's requirements for food quality are getting higher and higher, which provides a support surface for off-season vegetables, greenhouse vegetables, etc., and the implementation of these technologies is inseparable. Fertilizers such as potassium nitrate.

3. Future market: The domestic agricultural-grade potassium nitrate market has huge market demand potential, and the industrial-grade potassium nitrate market demand continues to be stable, which will show a boom in both production and demand. However, compared with foreign markets, the scope of use of potassium nitrate in China is still relatively limited, and the overall market capacity needs to be expanded rapidly.

4. Export structure: in China mainly exports industrial-grade potassium nitrate, which accounts for more than 80% of exports.

At present, the domestic potassium nitrate industry is in a situation where the supply slightly exceeds the demand, and the high-end touch screen, optical glass, food, and pharmaceutical industries have higher product quality requirements and higher prices. Domestic high-end potassium nitrate still relies on imports, which shows that China There is still a large space for the demand for high-end potassium nitrate, and there is a great market potential in the future.

Production process: Neutralization method: The acid-base neutralization of nitric acid and potassium hydroxide generates potassium nitrate and water. Ammonium nitrate conversion method (metathesis method): ammonium nitrate and potassium chloride are metathesized to prepare potassium nitrate, and the by-product is ammonium chloride.

Ion exchange method: using potassium chloride and nitrate as raw materials, ion exchange is carried out in potassium chloride and nitrate solution to obtain potassium nitrate solution.

Product Usage:

Agricultural potassium nitrate is applied to a variety of crops, and has the functions of high fertilizer efficiency, easy absorption, promoting early seedling growth, increasing yield, and improving crop quality and resistance to stress. It is also used as an important raw material in the fields of mechanical heat treatment as a quenching salt bath, in the ceramic industry for the manufacture of enamel color medicine, and as a clarifying agent for glass production (automobile lamp bulbs, optical glass picture tubes, etc.).

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