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Flour Production in Kazakhstan Up About 9% in The First Quarter

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According to the data of statistical analysis website EnergyProm, in January-March this year, Kazakhstan produced 881.4 thousand tons of flour and finely ground grain flour, which is an increase of 8.9% year-on-year. 


At the same time Flour prices showed significant increases in February (up 2.1% month-on-month) and March (up 4.2%) this year. 


In March 2022, the average retail price of high-quality flour in major cities of Kazakhstan was 279 tenge per kilogram, and the average retail price of first-class flour was 191 tenge per kilogram. The highest flour prices were in the capital Nur Sultan (343 tenge per kg), Atyrau (327 tenge per kg) and Almaty city (312 tenge per kg), respectively. 


The cheapest flour prices were in Pavlodar (194 tenge per kg), Ural (209 tenge per kg) and Semey (212 tenge per kg). 


In order to prevent shortage of flour supply and significant price increase, the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan imposed restrictions on flour exports from April 16 to June 15, 2022. 


In January-February this year, Kazakhstan exported 284,600 tons of wheat or rye flour in the amount of $104.8 million. 


The main importers of flour from Kazakhstan are Afghanistan (204,900 tons) and Uzbekistan (56,600 tons). 


In addition, some flour was exported to Turkmenistan (10.7 thousand tons), Russia (6300 tons) and Tajikistan (5000 tons). 

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