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Field management of rape in winter and spring

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Field management of rape in winter and spring

"One more leaf before the year, after the year more harvest 10 pounds of seeds". Around New Year's Day, according to the unified deployment of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Agriculture oilseed expert guidance group experts in-depth winter rape main production areas, survey rape seedlings, moisture and pest conditions, and put forward specific measures to strengthen winter and spring field management.

Timely supplemental application of seedling fertilizer. The late planting, poor soil quality or fertilization of weak seedlings in the field should be supplemented with a seedling fertilizer in a timely manner to promote the transformation and upgrading of seedlings, and promote early growth and rapid development.

Pay attention to drainage and irrigation management. 2008 Yangtze River basin autumn and winter drought, field evaporation, some fields of rape growth is slow, should be timely irrigation or watering to combat drought, and appropriate chasing nitrogen fertilizer to promote seedling growth. For the southern winter and spring rain and snow more, easy to cause canola damage, around the three ditches should be cleaned early, to improve the quality of the ditch compartment.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that the soil is loosened. To be in the sunny days combined with the application of wax fertilizer to tighten the middle tillage loosening soil, promote rape production.

Look at the seedlings to apply good wax fertilizer. "winter on a fertilizer, as good as three winter cover quilt". before mid-January, the amount of seedling fertilizer is not enough, late sowing of rape fields, acres of 25-30 kg of highly concentrated compound fertilizer plus 5 kg of urea; to produce heavy frost damage to the field, acres of 5-10 kg of urea for recovery fertilizer, to promote early recovery growth; to the normal growth of The field, to apply organic fertilizer mainly, mu amount 30-40 quintals.

Early and steady application of Carex fertilizer. Carex fertilizer should be applied reasonably according to the weather, seedling condition and soil condition. If the spring temperature is high, rainfall, fertile ground, waxy fertilizer, rape growth is strong, should be less Carex fertilizer; if the temperature is low, soil fertility is poor, rape growth is weak, especially Carex stems are purple and have a tendency to premature failure, to early application of heavy Carex fertilizer, to prevent fertilizer premature failure. Generally, it is applied when the carex is about 10 centimeters high, 7.5 kilograms of urea per mu.

Prevent early flowering and frost damage. The density is too large or spring varieties are prone to early shoots and should not be fertilized too much. If there are early shoots, it can be remedied by loosening the soil and picking shoots.

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