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Fertilizing Tips for Strawberries

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Strawberries are beginning to bud, and mulch has been applied, and topdressing is applied before flowering. However, it should be noted that some weak seedlings cannot be fertilized in large quantities, especially compound fertilizers, which can easily cause fertilizer damage and burn fertilizer, because many people put on topdressing after topdressing. Plastic film will produce a large amount of ammonia gas under the film, which will smoke and damage the plants. Generally, the old leaves next to the plant holes are dug out from the plastic film, and the damage is caused from the bottom to the top. obvious. In severe cases, the leaves of the strawberry plants in the entire shed can be dry and burn like fire. Walking into the shed, you can smell toxic odors such as ammonia.

Also, do not use fertilizers for prosperous plants, especially nitrogen fertilizers.

Strawberry likes fertilizer but is not tolerant to fertilizer, so fertilization should be determined according to the growth state.

What if obesity occurs?

Open the junction of the mulch film in time to quickly remove harmful gases such as high concentrations of ammonia gas in the mulch film to avoid continued harm. If a greenhouse has been covered, release the greenhouse film in an appropriate amount while opening the mulch film for ventilation.

Use a sprayer to spray clean water or use a dropper for proper watering to dilute and reduce the concentration of the fertilizer solution in the soil, quickly restore a good soil environment, and make the root growth point active as soon as possible, and new roots will emerge early.

While eliminating fertilizer damage, the method of foliar spraying of nutrient solution can promote its rapid recovery to normal growth. You can choose calcium magnesium boron + humic acid-containing water-soluble fertilizer or amino acid water-soluble fertilizer for spraying.

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