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Fertilizing Tips for Leafy Vegetables

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Leafy vegetables: The top-dressing of leafy vegetables such as cabbage, green cabbage, spinach, and amaranth is mainly nitrogen fertilizer, but at the peak of growth, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers need to be applied at the same time. For example, when cultivating Chinese cabbage, two fertilizations before entering the rosette stage and wrapping the heart are the keys to high yields. If the supply of nitrogen fertilizer in the whole growth period is insufficient, the plants will be short and the tissue is rough, and the leafy vegetables cultivated in spring are easy to bolt early

Vegetables cultivated in facilities should use more organic fertilizers. Because the amount of fertilizer applied per unit area of vegetables in protected areas such as greenhouses is much larger than that of vegetables in open fields, and because there is no rain leaching, most of the remaining fertilizer remains in the soil, making the nutrient concentration of the soil solution too high and preventing the root system from absorbing nutrients. In the cultivation of vegetables in protected areas, the after effects of the previous fertilizer should be fully considered, and more organic fertilizers should be applied, and less chemical fertilizers should be applied appropriately to avoid the damage to the subsequent vegetables due to the accumulation of salts.

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