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Fertilizers for bananas at different stages

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Bananas, for example, can be divided into three periods: nutrient growth (nutritional growth period), nutrient and reproductive growth (bud stage), and fruit growth and development to ripening, and each period has its own nutritional characteristics. Here are the different fertiliser application techniques for bananas during these periods, to prevent confusion!

Fertilisation of bananas during the nutrient growth period

The nutrient growth period of bananas is generally the first 3 to 6 months after transplanting. The length of the nutrient growth period is related to the climatic environment, from the first 3 months after transplanting in Hainan to 5-6 months after transplanting in Guangdong due to the overwintering period of bananas. The main role of fertilisation during this nutritional stage is to slow down the growth of seedlings, promote the rapid growth of banana roots, stems and leaves, and form a strong trunk as early as possible, so it is important to ensure that potassium nutrients are sufficient, while supplying more nitrogen and phosphorus nutrients in moderation. Similar high nitrogen compound fertilisers such as 20-9-11 sulphur compound fertiliser are more suitable for the first half of the banana nutrient growth period, while in the second half of the period, as it is close to the banana bud stage, it is better to use similar high nitrogen and potassium compound fertilisers such as 17-7-17 in the second half of the period. A suitable amount of organic fertiliser (real farm organic fertiliser) should also be applied in conjunction with the turning of small and large heads. The amount of fertiliser to be applied during the nutrient growing period is about 30% of the total fertiliser applied.

However, the specific amount of fertiliser should also take into account the local soil fertility, if the soil is deficient in phosphorus, potassium should also be combined with the application of the appropriate amount of phosphorus, potassium fertiliser. At present, Hainan's banana plantations are in the process of turning their heads, so the application of chemical fertilisers should be accompanied by an appropriate amount of organic fertilisers.

Fertilizer application method, if the application of ordinary water-soluble fertilizer, then the planting of the month to water once a week fertilizer; after three monthly soil spreading chase fertilizer, that is, a small number of times, after each chase fertilizer to be timely sprinkler irrigation.

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