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Fertilizer selection for greenhouse cucumbers

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1, nutrient soil preparation: cucumber fertilization should first pay attention to the preparation of nursery soil. Generally available 50% of the garden soil, 30% of the grass ash, 20% of the rotted dry pig manure mixed evenly. Cucumber seedling nutrient soil in addition to soil treatment to eliminate pests and diseases, but also can increase the application of potassium phosphate, according to each cubic meter of nutrient soil to add potassium phosphate 3-5 kg, and nutrient soil mixed evenly. Appropriate application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer during the seedling stage can increase the root weight and the number of lateral roots of cucumber seedlings, which is conducive to nutrient absorption and strong seedlings. Can also spray 0.3% urea and potassium dihydrogen phosphate mixture in the seedling stage, to supplement nutrition and cultivate strong seedlings.

2, base fertilizer: cucumber has low utilization rate of fertilizer, so cucumber land needs more base fertilizer. 6000 kg of organic fertilizer, 250 kg of biological fertilizer, 60 kg of urea, 30-40 kg of calcium superphosphate and 2 kg of potassium sulfate are applied to mu before planting.

3, chasing fertilizer: cucumber planting with the watering of stable seedling water chasing fertilizer to promote seedling, 1-2 kg per mu with urea. In order to promote the development of the root system before entering the fruiting period, you can open a trench between the rows or digging holes between the plants and apply 20-25 kg of ternary compound fertilizer per mu. Fertilizer application method can be applied with water flushing. To supplement phosphorus and potassium nutrition, spray 0.5% potassium dihydrogen phosphate 2-3 times, 0.2% calcium nitrate, 0.1% borax 2-3 times in the fruiting period in combination with drugging, which can improve yield, prevent premature failure of melon seedlings and reduce malformation.

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