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Fertilizer requirements of yam and how to apply base fertilizer

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Fertilizer requirements of yam and how to apply base fertilizer

Yam, also called yam, is a crop that can be used as medicine or as food. This article introduces the characteristics of the fertilizer needs of yam, as well as how to fertilize yam, how to chase fertilizer and other issues, for the reference of friends who grow yam.

A, the characteristics of the fertilizer needs of yam

Yam fertilizer needs are relatively large throughout the growth period, in the early growth period, due to the temperature factor, the organic fertilizer decomposition rate is slow, can not provide sufficient nutrients to the yam, so it is necessary to use efficient fertilizer, so that its stems and leaves grow quickly.

In the middle and late stages of yam growth, this is the period of faster growth, the period of tuber expansion, and the need for phosphorus and potassium fertilizers is greater. At the same time, this period is also a period of high incidence of diseases, which requires timely application of additional phosphorus and potassium fertilizers.

Second, how to fertilize yam

Yam fertilization is mainly based on fertilizer, supplemented by fertilizer, the amount of base fertilizer up to about 70%-80% of the total amount of fertilizer. Due to the long growth cycle of yam, fertilizer needs, after the lack of energy, so the base fertilizer is generally based on organic fertilizer or fully rotted farmyard manure, and then with some nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer can be.

Generally use 2000-4000kg of fully-rotted farmyard manure per mu, together with 60-80kg of compound fertilizer, or apply about 2000kg of organic fertilizer, together with 20-30kg of urea and 40-50kg of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer.

Three, how to fertilize yam

When the yam seedlings are flush and transplanted, you must use 1 time of manure and urine fertilizer, or nitrogen fertilizer, which can accelerate the growth of stems and leaves.

When the buds are present, this is the period when the plant needs more fertilizer and needs sufficient nutrition to bloom. At this time, you can apply cake fertilizer or nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer, generally 25kg per mu can be applied, which can make the yam expand quickly.

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