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Fertilizer Shelf Life And Storage Methods

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Will fertilizers lose their effectiveness after being stored for a long time? and its three storage methods.






Will fertilizers fail if stored for a long time?




If the fertilizer is not damaged, not exposed to rain, not wet, and not mixed with alkaline substances, it will generally not fail and can be stored for a long time.




However, if the bag has been opened, it will be invalid after a long time, so it should be used up as soon as possible.




Although fertilizers can be stored for a long time, the nitrogen elements in them are easily volatilized and lost when exposed to high temperatures, resulting in a decrease in fertilizer efficiency. Therefore, it is generally recommended not to store them for too long.




Three storage methods of fertilizer:




1. Warehouse storage: There are two storage methods for fertilizers in the warehouse: bulk storage and bag storage. Note that the warehouse should not only be ventilated, cooled, but also rain-proof and moisture-proof.




2. Storage of cargo sheds: The storage site should be selected in a place with high terrain, flat ground and no water accumulation. Reed mats or plastic films should be laid under it, and measures such as tarpaulins should be added to prevent rain.




3. Open field stacking: In order to avoid agglomeration, the height of random stacking and bag stacking should be controlled, such as storage in large bags of 25-40 kg, and a stack of 20 bags is a moderate height.


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