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Fertilizer Requirement Characteristics and Fertilization Technology of Cotton

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Cotton is an important crop that is grown in a wide range of areas. Cotton has deep roots and drought resistance, long growth period, high yield, large fertilizer requirements, fertile soil conditions, good air permeability and high organic matter, which are the basis for high cotton yield. How is cotton fertilized? The following will give you a detailed introduction to the characteristics and fertilization technology of cotton.

Characteristics of cotton fertilizer requirements

1. The role of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the growth and development of cotton

Cotton requires more nitrogen than food crops. From seedling to flowering and boll formation, it needs an appropriate amount of nitrogen fertilizer. If it is applied too much or improperly, it will reduce yield and be susceptible to diseases and insect pests. Phosphorus can promote root development in cotton in the early stage of growth, and seedlings grow early. It can promote early maturity, increase boll weight and improve quality in the later stage; potassium fertilizer can promote robust stems, resist lodging, and enhance the ability of cotton to resist drought, cold and pests and diseases.

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