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Fertilizer CAN Contains Roughly 8% Calcium And 21-27% Nitrogen

Calcium ammonium nitrate or CAN, also known as nitro-limestone or nitrochalk, is a widely used inorganic fertilizer, accounting for 4% of all nitrogen fertilizer used worldwide in 2007
Product Description

Product: Fertilizer CAN Contains Roughly 8% Calcium And 21-27% Nitrogen

Calcium ammonium nitrate


  • Sold as granular or prilled product in various sizes (SGN)

  • White to pale yellow in colour

  • Fertilizer CAN Contains Roughly 8% Calcium And 21-27% Nitrogen is hygroscopic – avoid extended storage, particularly in humid environments


  • The presence of calcium (roughly 8%) adds an agronomic advantage, but also stabilizes the product, making it a safer alternative to conventional ammonium nitrate

  • The combination of ammonium and nitrate nitrogen is readily available for crop uptake


Most Fertilizer CAN Contains Roughly 8% Calcium And 21-27% Nitrogen (CAN), is used as a fertilizer. CAN is preferred for use on acid soils, as it acidifies soil less than many common nitrogen fertilizers.It is also used in place of ammonium nitrate where ammonium nitrate is banned.

Fertilizer CAN is used in some instant cold packs as an alternative to ammonium nitrate.

Fertilizer CAN has seen use in improvised explosives. The Fertilizer CAN is not used directly, but is instead first converted to ammonium nitrate; "More than 85% of the IEDs used against U.S. forces in Afghanistan contain homemade explosives, and of those, about 70% are made with ammonium nitrate derived from CAN ". Fertilizer CAN and other fertilizers were banned in the Malakand Division and in Afghanistan following reports of its use by militants to make explosives.


The term "Fertilizer CAN " is applied to multiple different, but closely related formulations. One variety of Fertilizer CAN  is made by adding powdered limestone to ammonium nitrate; another, fully water-soluble version, is a mixture of calcium nitrate and ammonium nitrate, which crystallizes as a hydrated double salt: 5Ca(NO3)2•NH4NO3•10H2O. Unlike ammonium nitrate, these calcium containing formulations are not classified as oxidizers by the United States Department of Transportation.

Consumption of CAN was 3.54 million tonnes in 1973/74, 4.45 million tonnes in 1983/84, 3.58 million tonnes in 1993/94. Production of fertilizer CAN  consumed 3% of world ammonia production in 2003.

Calcium ammonium nitrate Fertilizer


Q1: What's the Order Process ?

A: 1) 24 hrs quick response for RFQ

2)50% deposit along with order

3)Sampe submission and approved by customer

4)Mass production with progress report

5)100% quality inspection before shipment

6)Follow up the shipment till arrive at customer side

7)After service

2) Lead time for sample in stock is 3 days , new sample making is about 3-7 days.

Q2: Can you accept custom order ?

A: 1)OEM/ODM are acceptable.

2) Our customer service including logo making , new design, custom package .

Q3: How long about your lead time?

A: 1)3-5 days for samples making.

2)Mass production is about 3-25 days depending on different proudcts .

Q4: To pay for the order?

A: 1) Order and PI approved by customer

2) Payment is acceptable by T/T, credit card , paypal .

Q5: Which is the port of shipment?

A: Usually is Tianjin.

Choose GY,Choose the future

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