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Fertilization time and fertilization method of beans

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When to fertilize beans

After the beans are harvested on July 10, a top dressing can be carried out, generally 5-10 kg of urea per mu. In the future, apply fertilizer once every time the tender pods are harvested, and the amount of fertilizer and fertilizer is the same as above. In order to prolong the harvest period of pods and increase the yield of pods, water and fertilizer promotion can be carried out 5 to 6 days before each harvest period to provide the plants with sufficient water and nutrients, which can promote the plants to continue to bloom and form pods from the base upwards. Flower buds are drawn from side shoots, or continue to bloom and set pods on inflorescences from which pods have been harvested. Carob is an infinitely growing crop under the conditions of sufficient water and fertilizer supply and suitable temperature. Continuous flowering and podding.

How to fertilize beans

1. Heavy application of basal fertilizer: avoid continuous cropping of beans, choose a plot that has not been planted with cotton and legumes within three years, and use decomposed organic fertilizer as the main basal fertilizer, in conjunction with the application of compound and mixed fertilizers in appropriate proportions, such as 15-15 -15 sulfur-containing compound fertilizer and other similar high-phosphorus, potassium compound and mixed fertilizers are more suitable for the selection of base fertilizer for beans. It is worth noting that when applying basal fertilizer, the amount of fertilizer should be increased or decreased appropriately according to the local soil fertility.

2. Apply topdressing skillfully: after planting, mainly squat seedlings, control the leggy stems and leaves, and promote reproductive growth to form more inflorescences. After scab formation, combined with watering, ditching, topdressing 15,000 kg/ha of decomposed organic fertilizer or applying 20-9-11 sulfur-containing compound fertilizer and other similar compound and mixed fertilizer 75-120 kg/ha, after each harvest Two pods are topdressed once, 75-150 kg/ha of urea, 75-120 kg/ha of potassium sulfate, or 120-180 kg/ha of similar compound fertilizers such as 17-7-17 sulfur-containing compound fertilizer. In order to prevent premature senescence of the plant, after the secondary yield peak appears, we must pay attention to the management of fertilizer and water, promote the germination of lateral branches and the formation of lateral flower buds, and make the original inflorescence on the main vine continue to bloom and form pods.

3. Spray foliar fertilizer: Carob will often show various symptoms of lack of trace elements in the middle and late stages of growth, such as yellow leaves. It should be sprayed in the early stage of growth, that is, the seedling stage and the vine-inducing stage.

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